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Shipping & Returns Policy

RC Lipos Inc reserves all rights to refuse and refund any order.

We ship via a method that is appropriate depending on items ordered and order value.
We accept MasterCard, Visa and Paypal payments for online orders.
No shipping charges are added to any USA location (or its territories) for online orders.
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Other, quicker shipping methods may be requested at buyers expense.

We ship orders Monday through Friday only.
All orders ship next business day unless noted on the web page.
Domestic orders are received typically in 3-4 business days from date of shipment.
Invoice is sent with shipping date noted when Paypal payment is received or when your credit card is charged.
International orders are received typically within 7-10 business days from date order ships.
Some smaller international orders can take 2-3 weeks due to available shipping method.
International deliveries vary due to region the order is shipping to, the customs delay and the actual departure date from the US.
These are circumstance we have no control over and the customer must remain patient at times.
International orders are NOT considered lost until 6 weeks has passed.

Before using lithium polymer batteries, you must understand that misuse of these batteries may cause a fire that will not respond to a standard fire extinguisher. Lithium polymer batteries must be charged in a fireproof container away from any combustible materials.

1. Do not discharge below 3.3 volts per cell under load.
2. Do not allow the battery temperature to exceed 160
F (71C).
3. Store in a dry location between 20
F (-7C) and 104F (40C).
4. If possible, it is recommended that you store them between 75
F (24C) and 95F (35C).
5. Never attempt to charge a lithium polymer battery with a charger that is not specifically designed to charge lithium polymer batteries.
6. Never charge lithium polymer batteries unattended.
7. Store, transport and charge lithium polymer batteries in a fireproof container.
8. Do not charge polymer packs at a rate greater than 1C unless you are using an approved charger/balancer.
9. Do not charge a pack if the average cell voltage is less than 3.0 volts.
10. Charge packs individually. Do not charge multiple packs at the same time unless your charger is specifically designed for this.
11. Never charge dissimilar packs in series or parallel at the same time on the same charger.
12. Do not discharge at a greater rate than the manufacturer recommends.
13. An approved amperage meter (ammeter) should be used in determining load.
14. If any cell within the pack puffs or swells, discontinue use immediately.
15. Do not attempt to charge a cell or pack that has been damaged.
16. Do not attempt to disassemble packs or re-solder connections.
17. Do not short circuit the battery.
18. Do not puncture the battery.
19. Provide plenty of cooling for the battery.
20. Shock absorbing material should surround the battery to protect it from hard landings or crashes.
21. Always use common sense in using and handling lithium polymer batteries.
22. If you are using a "smart charger" that automatically detects the cell-count of a pack, always check to make sure it has chosen the correct cell-count. If the charger has chosen the incorrect cell-count, discontinue the charge immediately.
23. Always check voltage before charging.
24. A balance charger or balancer is always recommended.
25. Batteries should be 75-80% of charge when storing them.
26. If your polymer battery is subject to a crash or are damaged in any way, isolate in an area free of flammable materials and observe for 30 minutes before re-use or disposal.
27. Contact a local waste disposal company for information on proper disposal.
28. By proceeding with the use of lithium polymer batteries, you agree to accept the responsibility for the safe use and storage of these products and follow all the necessary precautions set forth in these guidelines. In addition to this list, information abounds on the internet about the inherent risks associated with lithium batteries, and we recommend you research the subject further to educate and protect yourself

Order Information:
Orders are shipped Monday through Friday (except Holidays).
Orders ship next business day unless otherwise noted on the website.
Confirmation of your order will be emailed to you for your records.
We accept MasterCard, Visa and Paypal only.
Our payment page is on a secured server.
Your card number is never transmitted in any email anywhere.
The shipping information you provide is strictly used for the purpose of filling your order.
We are not responsible for your order once tracking shows it is delivered to you.
You may contact us at any time for information regarding your order.
You will be notified of any backordered items prior to shipping any portion of your order.
Contact may be via phone or email to discuss alternate items.

Return Policy:
If the UNUSED parts are returned because ordered incorrectly, if order had free shipping, our original shipping cost will be deducted from the original order total.
If the UNUSED parts are returned because ordered incorrectly, and you paid by Paypal, 30 cents is deducted for the Paypal fee we are charged for the refund.
We will credit you for any non-special ordered item returned UNUSED within 15 days of original purchase.
If an item is returned for a reason other than manufacturing defect, a 15% restocking charge may apply.
Items must be in original, re-sellable condition, unused.
No warranty for any cells/batteries that show signs of abuse and/or damage.
No warranty for any special ordered items.

Customers are responsible for all freight charges unless we shipped something in error.
Customer is responsible for any return shipping charges.
We are not responsible for manufacturer changes in product or specifications.
We are not responsible for any property damage or personal injury caused by misuse of batteries.
No warranty is expressed or implied for any product used beyond manufacturers specifications.
We honor all manufacturer warranties.

Additional Information:
RC Lipos will not be liable for any damages based upon inconvenience, loss of use of the product, or commercial loss, or any other damages, whether incidental, consequential or otherwise.

Reading and following the printed limitations of this product is the responsibility of the customer/buyer.

RC Lipos Inc, PolyRC, Thunder Power RC, Enerland, Hyperion, their employees, dealers or distributors assume no liability for failures to comply with all posted warnings and safety guidelines.

By purchasing lithium polymer batteries from RC Lipos, Inc , the buyer assumes all risks associated with this product. If you do not agree with these conditions, please do not purchase Li-Poly batteries.

Lithium Polymer batteries are volatile. Failure to read and follow all safety instructions may result in fire, personal injury or property damage if charged/discharged or used improperly.

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PolyRC, Thunder Power, Polyquest & Hyperion Li-Poly/Li-Ion Batteries distributed by RC Lipos, Inc are approved only for the Radio-Control Market. Use in any other application is not permitted without prior approval. Charging, discharging, use for Electric Motors and Flying Models may cause serious personal injury or property damage. In purchasing/using Lithium Polymer Batteries, the buyer/user, agrees to accept all responsibilities of these risks and not to hold RC Lipos Inc, its Distributors or Retailers (including all owners and employees) responsible for any accidents, injury to persons, or damage to property.

Since many Radio-Control applications exceed the manufacturer's recommended maximum discharge rates, there is no warranty (expressed or implied) by the manufacturer, its Distributors and Retailers in respect to the Cycle Life, Capacity, Cell Characteristics or Storage of cells/packs used in the Radio-Control market.