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Hyperion Lithium Polymer / A123 Systems Balancer

Hyperion HP-EOS-Sentry V2 Battery Checker / Balancer

NEW VERSION - Now includes automatic balancing function for LiPo and LiFe packs

Know Your Battery!!
Battery checker for Li-Ion / Li-Poly / LiFe / A123 / NiCad / NiMH

The EOS SENTRY is a quick, convenient, easy-to-use device.
It shows at a glance the remaining capacity in your battery pack,
cell balance, and other information you need to get the best
performance and reliability from your batteries, and avoid costly mistakes.

Manual & Specifications

Stock $29.95

Hyperion HP-LBA10-A Balancer

2S~6S Li-Poly / A123 cell balancer
Includes 2S & 3S harnesses for HP / PQ / Poly RC taps
Balancer Boards available for all major Li-Poly brands

Manual & Specifications

Stock $38.95

Hyperion HP-LBA10-NET Cable

Network cable for connecting two LBA10 units
together for balancing 7S-12S packs.

Stock $4.50

Hyperion HP-LBA10-DPC Data Cable

Data Port Cable to connect LBA10 balancer to
Hyperion chargers equipped with a data port

Stock $3.25

Hyperion HP-LBA10-CAR Output Harness

Output Harness for Balance Charging 2S Car Packs
such as ORION / Checkpoint / TraxPower

Charger side has two 4mm male bullet connectors and balance
connector that will plug directly to Hyperion chargers.
See Diagram

Battery side has two 4mm bullet connectors and one 2mm bullet
connector for balance port on the battery. If you want to use your
Hyperion multi-adapter, plug the white connector in to the 6S position.
See Diagram

Stock $8.95

Thunder Power Lithium Polymer Cell Balancers

Thunder Power TP205V Li-Poly Balancer

2~5 cell Li-Poly balancer
For Thunder Power, Vislero, Flight Power & Apex
Conversion Adapters for other brands

Quick Guide User Manual

Stock $59.95

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Thunder Power, A123, & Hyperion Li-Poly/Li-Ion Batteries distributed by RC Lipos, Inc are approved only for the Radio-Control Market. Use in any other application is not permitted without prior approval. Charging, discharging, use for Electric Motors and Flying Models may cause serious personal injury or property damage. In purchasing/using Lithium Polymer Batteries, the buyer/user, agrees to accept all responsibilities of these risks and not to hold RC Lipos Inc, its Distributors or Retailers (including all owners and employees) responsible for any accidents, injury to persons, or damage to property.

Since many Radio-Control applications exceed the manufacturer's recommended maximum discharge rates, there is no warranty (expressed or implied) by the manufacturer, its Distributors and Retailers in respect to the Cycle Life, Capacity, Cell Characteristics or Storage of cells/packs used in the Radio-Control market.